The Flu Season Is Not Over – A More Severe Strain Becomes Widely Spread

The Flu Season Is Not Over – A More Severe Strain Becomes Widely Spread

This flu season appears to be an ugly one. The virus is a nasty one and things are expected to get even worse. Health officials explained that the whole country will be swiped by the flu. It appears that t more severe strain has appeared.

At first the predominant strain was A H1N1, but now a more severe strain is starting to replace it. This time A H3N2 is guilty for more than half of the new cases.

“It looks like we are moving from an H1 wave to an H3 wave,” said Lynnette Brammer, lead of CDC’s domestic influenza surveillance team. “There’s still a lot of flu to come.” This means that this flu season is far from over.


As much as some people seem to hate them, vaccination is crucial, especially when it comes to children. “Vaccinating the family provides a ring of protection around the baby, or any other family member at high risk for flu,” Brammerexplalined.

Sadly, the anti-vax trend has convinced more and more parents. They decide not to vaccinate their kids, which is incredibly dangerous. In fact, there have already been cases of pediatric death. The good news is that this year’s vaccine is more effective than the one that existed last year. According to Brammer, the vaccine is 62 % effective against H1N1 and 44 % effective against H3N2. “As long as flu is circulating and you haven’t been vaccinated, we recommend that you go ahead and get vaccinated,” she said. “There are no good flu seasons,” Brammer concluded.

The flu has expanded to 48 states, and there are high levels of diseases in 30 states. More than that, the number of hospitalizations is increasing.


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