The First Delta Strain Vaccines Are in the Works: How Fast Can Pfizer Manufacture Them

The First Delta Strain Vaccines Are in the Works: How Fast Can Pfizer Manufacture Them

Good news: we might get in control of the new Delta variant soon, as Pfizer has already developed the ingredients for a new COVID-19 vaccine. This one is specifically made for the new contagious variant.

The genetic code of the virus has gone through mutations. When that happens, the virus comes with a new set of mutations – unique sets – that are called new variants or strains. This is actually quite common.

But the Delta virus is a bit more special: it has managed to spread all over the world, and it’s the reason behind 90% of new cases in the U.S.

Studies have shown that this new variant is twice as transmissible as the original virus. They have also indicated that it can lead to more severe cases.

The current vaccines are highly effective against the original virus, but they may not be as effective when targeting the Delta variant. As a result, researchers started looking into a new vaccine for this strain.

When it comes to mRNA vaccines, the process is easier, as they can be easily updated to target the new strains. Researchers just need to plug in the genetic code of the variant. And do you know who has already started doing that? Pfizer, that has already targeted the Delta variant with a new vaccine.  They are ready to start the clinical trial in August, should the regulatory approval be granted.

As of now, we do not know for sure when the new Pfizer vaccine will be made public, but the FDA has stated that these new vaccines might be authorized more quickly.

This vaccine could really save us by limiting the spread of the virus, and we might get rid of the new mutation faster than initially thought.


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