The Fascinating Origin Of The Cannabis Caucus And What It Means Today

The Fascinating Origin Of The Cannabis Caucus And What It Means Today

The political landscape of The United States Of America has continued to fascinate people across the globe. However, one of the rather unique phenomena is the cannabis caucus. It is one of the very few groups of elected officials that is completely bipartisan, and all the members work towards a common goal of updating the cannabis-related laws in the country. If you, too, are curious about how this group came about, then this article takes you through the formation of the caucus along with what they are doing in the present day.

The Formation of The Congressional Cannabis Caucus

  • The Congressional Cannabis Caucus is a bipartisan registered in the U.S. Congress. It was formed in 2017 by Dana Rohrabacher and Don Young, both of whom are Republicans. This was a significant step in legalizing marijuana since it showed not only the benefits of weed and its importance but also the fact that it is an important topic to pursue in terms of politics.
    These Republicans teamed up with Democrats Earl Blumenauer and Jared Polis to form this caucus. All of these representatives hail from states that have already legalized the use of medical and recreational cannabis.
    The main reason to bring this about was because of the outdated laws the country had regarding cannabis use. This led to misguided law enforcement and unreliable information that was being circulated.
  • It was believed by these politicians that having a proper law could help solve this situation and help the people finally make use of the benefits that marijuana has, both medical and recreational.
  • The beginning of this movement was in 2014 when an amendment was drafted by Rohrabacher and Farr that essentially prevented the US Department of Justice (DOJ) from spending any money on challenging states that have legalized marijuana.
  • Then, in 2016, Rohrabacher and Blumenauer agreed to form a caucus to help the legalization of marijuana at a federal level. This was to streamline the laws regarding the distribution and consumption of weed and to reform them. The caucus was finally presented in 2017 with the help of Young and Polis.
  • One of the main aims of this caucus was to increase funding into medical research regarding cannabis since there are believed to be many benefits of the same, but no proper research had been conducted so far. Also, the legalization of marijuana would bring about changes in laws of taxation that would also make it easier for the general public to access it.
  • Another reason to have this caucus was because there was a lot of contradiction regarding the use of marijuana between state and federal laws. While many states allowed the use of weed, it was still strictly illegal at a federal, which was the main reason why many people were facing issues, according to Young.
  • This caucus was presented in the 115th Congress. After that, Rohrabacher and Polis left the caucus and were replaced by Barbara Lee, a Democrat from California and David Joyce, a Republican from Ohio as co-chairs in the 116th Congress.

What It Means Today

  • After the replacement of Rohrabacher and Polis, there was a new way in which this caucus was looked at. For eg., Barbara Lee stated that one of her main aims was to make sure that women and communities of color find themselves included equally when laws were made regarding cannabis consumption.
  • She decided to make it a point that minority communities experienced as much inclusion as possible when it came to laws like these, considering the fact that they, too, were equally affected by this.
  • One of the main aims of this chair was to also put an end to unnecessary prosecution of people for using marijuana. This prohibition of marijuana was senseless and was in complete disagreement with the federal laws.
  • These laws have helped change the way cannabis is used. It has made people and companies more responsible in terms of delivering and using the product. Since there are clear guidelines laid out by states, it makes it easier for people to work within the framework and abide by the law.
  • In cases of federal bans, there is still a lot of clarity that needs to be offered. Due to this, people are consuming irresponsibly and in higher amounts than prescribed and advised.
  • Legalization of pot helps people access the correct authorities like doctors and lawyers regarding any queries that they might have about weed. This helps them to stay within the consumption limits and not face any legal charges. This also gives rise to companies being more wary of the products they sell, and the quantity in which they move the product.
  • Due to the legalization of marijuana, today, 98% of Americans live in areas that have, till some degree, legalized marijuana for medical use. This proves to be highly beneficial for people who are struggling with health-related issues like chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, stress, and many others.
  • The legalization of weed has helped them access these medical services that can help with their condition. It has also encouraged a good and healthy dialogue between doctors and patients. Patients nowadays do not hesitate in front of their doctors when it comes to talking about a treatment supported by marijuana.


It was feared that most people would start consuming a highly unacceptable and dangerous amount of weed if it was legalized. The fact that it is still a Schedule 1 drug, according to the DEA, further helps in fueling the situation.

But contrary to this belief, the legalization of marijuana and the existence of a caucus has actually helped people to be responsible while also enjoying their rights. Many dispensaries have now come up that are some of the best weed delivery sacramento services out there, along with shops in many other places.

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The main aim of the caucus that was to protect the rights of the states that have actually legalized marijuana has been achieved. The people in those particular states can freely exercise their rights within the confines of the law. This is allowed as long as they do not cross state borders and go to a state that does not have marijuana-friendly laws.

These are just some of the benefits that this caucus has brought to the community of people that are benefiting from marijuana. The main aim is to still legalize it across the country at a federal level. The work and effort has been put in to make sure that this legislation benefits people all over the country.


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