The Fact That She Was In Labor As Well Didn’t Stop This Doctor To Deliver A Patient’s Baby

The Fact That She Was In Labor As Well Didn’t Stop This Doctor To Deliver A Patient’s Baby

On Sunday, Doctor Amanda Hess was at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center, where she was about to give birth, but she decided to help deliver another baby first. Hess was in a room preparing to go into labor when she noticed the latest update on the computer screen next to her, about a patient that had complications at birth.

The doctor who was supposed to assist the patient was on the way to the hospital. Even so, Hess intervened. She told the media that although she was aware of the fact that it was not her shift, she had to help that woman, especially since she knew her from her previous shift.

“I put on a dressing gown to cover my back and put some boots on my shoes to protect myself from any liquid, and I went to the room. I knew the patient.” the doctor said.

When Hess entered the room, she immediately recognized the patient she had examined just a few days ago, although she was not her doctor.

The patient, Halliday Johnson recognized Hess when she entered the room, without thinking for a second that she was at the hospital to have a baby as well.

“She had the same great mood, but my husband realized that something was wrong with her clothing. I did not notice anything, I was on the table in my own world,” Johnson said.

After bringing the patient’s baby into the world, Hess returned her room and went into labor. 11 hours later, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl named Ellen Joyce.


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