The Dixie Fire Becomes the Third Most Prevalent Wildfire in California’s History

The Dixie Fire Becomes the Third Most Prevalent Wildfire in California’s History

Northern California is facing apocalyptic scenes as the Dixie Fire continues to spread. Growing by an incredible 285 square kilometres on Thursday and Friday, the fire became the most prevalent wildfire in the history of California.

The terrible news is brought by, and it proves once again that there’s no messing around with nature’s wrath. Oddly enough, the fire was 35% contained on Friday morning. Even so, it was largely expanding in the perimeter that firefighters established before.

Spanning over 1,751 square kilometres

As the fire currently spans over an area of 1,751 square kilometres, firefighters have a lot of work to do.

Capt. Mitch Matlow, who is a spokesperson of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, confirms it by saying:

This is going to be a long firefight.

The fire raged in the Gold Rush-era Sierra Nevada community, incinerating wooden buildings over a century old.

Eva Gorman, who left town along with her husband because of the Dixie Fire approaching, said as quoted by

It’s just completely devastating. We’ve lost our home, my business, our whole downtown area is gone.

Eva grabbed some of her favourite objects and important documents. Even so, she still thinks of what she left behind. Eva said, as also quoted by

My grandmother’s dining room chairs, my great-aunt’s bed from Italy. There is a photo I keep visualizing in my mind of my son when he was 2. He’s 37 now,” she said. “At first you think, ‘It’s OK, I have the negatives.’ And then you realize, ‘Oh. No. I don’t.’

According to officials, some 100 homes and other buildings burned in Colfax, a small town, as a result of the River Fire. Roughly 6,000 people were ordered to evacuate in Nevada and Placer counties.

Last month, the totality of wildfires from the US and Canada were so prevalent that they were pushing resources to the limit.


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