The Delta Variant Is Taking By Surprise Many States: Severe Restrictions Are Just Around the Corner

The Delta Variant Is Taking By Surprise Many States: Severe Restrictions Are Just Around the Corner

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is now the dominant one in the US. In less than five months, it has changed the entire city of New York, and not only. The United States have to go through a lot right now, and people still don’t seem to want to get vaccinated.

During June and July, Delta has been accounted for up to 69% of the cases. It has risen from 44% of tested cases from only a week before. Delta is predominant in so many US states right now, and some started to add some restrictions, again.

Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson can all protect you from the delta variant, when it comes to severe symptoms of hospitalization. Los Angeles officials will reintroduce some restrictions, as well – people will require to wear a mask indoors, and it does not matter whether you are vaccinated or not.

A city health department spokesperson said that this rise of the highly contagious variant in New York City is the most dangerous time to be unvaccinated. “All New Yorkers should get a COVID-19 vaccination to protect themselves, their family, and our city.”

It is a fact that only a small fraction of the confirmed COVID cases are tested for the variants, as well, but the results usually correspond. Some samples are tested by hospitals, some by medical examiners, and the data may change over time.

The COVID positive tests have shown a rise in some neighbourhoods, such as Staten Island and East Harlem. The cases have increased from 133 in June, to 438 in July. Deaths and hospitalizations are still at their lowest, which is good.



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