The Death of a White Shark from California Led to a Forensic Investigation

The Death of a White Shark from California Led to a Forensic Investigation

When one of the greatest ocean predators reaches the shore dead, the California authorities decide to open a forensic investigation. Several people noticed on a California beach a dead white shark that was 225 pounds and more than 2.4 meters long.

Currently, authorities in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) have begun an investigation to determine the cause of the animal’s death.

According to Live Science, the specialists took the animal from the beach to make the necropsy. Although they did not provide more details, CDFW members said that a crime investigation would be launched as a result of necropsy.

White sharks usually fail on the beach, although another shark has reached the beach in the same area a year ago. “The population of white sharks is growing near the shores of California. It is not so unusual that sometimes one gets on the shore”, said shark specialist David Ebert.

White sharks are classified as vulnerable by the International Conservation Union of Nature. But since 1972, the White Shark population has begun to grow again after the promulgation of the act prohibiting the wounding of any marine species.

What could have killed the shark?

Generally, white sharks have no predators, except for the occasional attacks of killer whales. “Killer whales tend to target the abdomen they tear” Burgess said. But in this case, much of the abdomen was intact.

The white shark has failed in the same area where another shark has reached the shore one year ago. The cause of death in 2017 is a brain infection that affects several shark species. Of course, the shark may have been hurt by the henchmen. In China, for example, animal fins are considered a delicacy.

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