The COVID-19 Vaccine is Coming, and Here’s Who Will Get It First

The COVID-19 Vaccine is Coming, and Here’s Who Will Get It First

Whether we like to admit it or not, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of havoc until now: over 1.3 million deaths and more than 56 million infections worldwide. The goodwill prevail in the end, as a vaccine will stop the force of the pandemic once and for all.

The first doses of the vaccine against the terrible SARS-CoV-2 virus will be available for humanity starting this December or the first months of 2021, and the best scenario is that everybody will get vaccinated. But it may not be the case, because first of all, not everybody wants the vaccine.

Four phases, but do we have enough time?

We have to face the ugly truth that more people will die until the vaccine arrives. These are the four phases, and implementing them obviously takes time that some people cannot afford:

  • Phase One-A: health care workers from hospitals, police officers, EMS workers and firefighters. All these groups are considered to be exposed at the highest risk of infection with the virus.
  • Phase One-B: people with other health conditions and those living in congregate care facilities. Those who suffered from various comorbidities such as diabetes or heart problems were proven to be the most vulnerable in the face of the COVID-19 disease.
  • Phase Two: educators, those working in critical infrastructure, and educators.
  • Phase Three: young adults, children, and other infrastructure workers that weren’t previously mentioned.
  • Phase Four: everybody else.

Patrick Ashley, who is D.C. Health’s senior deputy director of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, declared:

“A lot of the jurisdictions are choosing a variety of different options,

“An individual in some jurisdictions may go to a pharmacy, some may go to their health care provider and some might go to a local recreation center, where the government is operating those vaccination centers.”

Thankfully, over 39 million worldwide patients that were already infected with COVID-19 had been recovered by the medical workers and doctors.



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