The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Once-In-A-Century Happening, And Will Affect Us For Decades, The WHO Says

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Once-In-A-Century Happening, And Will Affect Us For Decades, The WHO Says

The World Health Organization has recently announced that the coronavirus pandemic will probably be “lengthy” as a designated committee evaluated the crisis six months after it became a worldwide threat.

High Risk For A Long Time

The WHO’s statement reads that the committee “highlighted the anticipated lengthy duration of this COVID-19 pandemic,” while also warning the world about the “response fatigue” that might result from the socio-economic pressures on countries.

The WHO stated that the global risk level of COVID-19 is very high.

The novel coronavirus has infected over seventeen million people and killed nearly seven hundred thousand since the December outbreak, an official tally revealed.

The committee suggested that the WHO provide nuanced, pragmatic guidance on COVID-19 management to ” reduce the risk of response fatigue in the context of socio-economic pressures.”

Many countries would receive aid from the WHO to support the rollout of proven vaccines and therapeutics.

The gathering of the committee was held at the WHO Geneva headquarters, with some members participating online.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed his view of the situation: “It’s sobering to think that six months ago when you recommended I declare a PHEIC, there were less than 100 cases and no deaths outside China.”

“The pandemic is a once-in-a-century health crisis, the effects of which will be felt for decades to come,” he added.

Future Actions

The committee will gather again in three months and analyze the situation to decide what should be done next.

Unfortunately, the WHO was acidly criticized for the length of time it took to declare an international emergency.

The U.S.A accused the organization of being too close to China and officially began withdrawing from the collaboration last month.

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