The Connection Between Parkinson’s and Psychiatric Issues

The Connection Between Parkinson’s and Psychiatric Issues

On the occasion of the Parkinson’s Awareness Week, leading neurologists made a new statement regarding Parkinson’s. According to them, this disease is now associated with plenty of psychiatric problems. For example, some of them include anxiety, psychosis, depression or disturbed patterns of sleep.

Is There a Treatment?

Dr. Qasim Bashir is the president of the Pakistan Stroke Society. He declared that there are several treatments employed that can reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life of the patients. Even so, a patient needs to know that the medications only help slow down the evolution of the disease. Sadly, they cannot completely cure it.

On average, the age at which a person gets diagnosed is 60. However, 15% of the patients receive the diagnosis before they are 50. Bashir said that they have a young-onset of the disease. At the same time, the researchers showed that males have a 1.5 – 2 fold risk of getting Parkinson’s, in comparison to women.

A Role for Each of Us

Meanwhile, each of us plays an important role in raising awareness about this disease. Amer Ikram is a Senior Neurologist who insists on the importance of this fact. He said that each person should spread the word in their communities about the Parkinson’s disease.

The sad part is that he also underlined the fact that the cause of the disease is unknown. Many researchers claim that both the environment and genes might be responsible. The disorder appears following a loss of nerve cells that produce dopamine. The latter is responsible for sending signals in the brain. Ikram says that when there is not enough dopamine in the brain, the movement will be impaired.

Finally, there is a continuous need for every reader of this article to do what’s in their powers to create awareness about Parkinson’s. This can ease the lives of people struggling with it, as well as possibly attract more funding for research.


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