The CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill committed suicide

The CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill committed suicide

The founder of the Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery, famous for participating in the reality show “Undercover Boss” has committed suicide. Employees and family are in shock and cannot understand why Lowell Hawthorne decided to put an end to his life.

A tragic story

According to police sources, the founder and CEO of Golden Krust, aged 57, decided to end his life by shootting himself inside the Park Avenue building, Claremont. The suicide took place at 5.30 pm.

Everyone is socked and in tears trying to cope with the sad news. Pete Tee, aged 27, who has worked for Hawthorne described him as a good boss and a good business man as well.

Golden Krust: a franchise with history

Lowell Hawthorne, original from Jamaica, has opened his first store in 1989 on E. Gun Hill Rd. In time, the beef-pastry delish became an empire with 120 restaurants across nine US states.

Last year, in May, Hawthorne filmed the CBS show “Undercover Boss” and much to his dismay, some of his chefs were not following the cooking vision he had.

A strange and sad decision

Pat Russo, president of the Chef’s Choice food company and a long collaborator with Hawthorne was overwhelmed by the news. The two worked together since 1990 and he does not understand why Golden Krust’s CEO decided to take his own life. According to Russo, Hawthorne has every reason to live: he had a good business and he represented the American success story every immigrant is searching for.

Even the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, has twitted his condolences and respects to his family.

Hawthorne and his business the Golden Krust was the first Caribbean-owned business in USA to be granted a franchise license and it was an inspiration to his fellow Jamaicans.


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