The Cases of Mystery Lane is Now a Film on Hallmark and a Must Watch

The Cases of Mystery Lane is Now a Film on Hallmark and a Must Watch

The Cases of Mystery Lane is an exciting new murder mystery movie that promises to send you on an emotional roller coaster. And here’s a fact! There is no doubt that The Cases of Mystery Lane will become a movie hit on Hallmark’s greatest collection. It is not something that should be treated like a Sunday cozy movie. Because The Cases of Mystery Lane has something for everyone, it is deserving of a lot of appreciation and should not be overlooked.

Watch the trailer for The Cases of Mystery Lane below:

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The Cases of Mystery Lane: Cast and Plot

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on The Cases of Mystery Lane, a fascinating new mystery film on Hallmark that stars Aimee Garcia (Lucifer) as Birdie Case and Paul Campbell (Three Wise Men and a Baby) as Alden Case. If you’re a fan of the mystery genre, you will be delighted. In the character of Officer Newton, Matt Hamilton also offers a strong performance.

In the movie, Birdie is an intelligent and successful attorney, while her husband Alden is quite charming but a bit doubtful when it comes to deciding upon something. That’s a reason why things somehow heat up in the marriage. The film was directed by Mike Rohl, while Joel Dovev and Margaux Froley were responsible for the writing.

The film is filled with unexpected turns and surprises, which will keep the viewer interested throughout its whole. Garcia and Campbell are a fantastic duo to see performing together. For instance, when Alden deceives his wife and enrolls in college classes in order to become a private investigator, one of his homework assignments gets him mixed up in a case involving a homicide inquiry. Really interesting, don’t you think?

And there’s more!

It’s possible that Birdie is the only person who knows how to solve the riddle, but in order to find out, Alden will have to tell the truth. However, Alden has a sneaking suspicion that Birdie is keeping some secrets of her own from him.

Watch The Cases of Mystery Lane and see the rest of the story to find out what it’s going to happen next!


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