The British Government To Ban Plastic Straws, Cups, And Cotton Buds To Fight Against Plastic Waste

The British Government To Ban Plastic Straws, Cups, And Cotton Buds To Fight Against Plastic Waste

The British government announced earlier that it will ban plastic straws, plastic cups, and cotton buds by the end of the year as part of its plan to fight the plastic waste.

The dangers of plastic waste on the ecosystems

Lately, dozens of reports emerged on the threatening effects of plastic waste on the Earth’s ecosystems, especially on the marine ecosystem as many plastic products are driven by the oceanic currents in places where these recipients form true plastic islands.

Very hard to degraded and exposed to sunlight, plastics is eliminating toxins which affect the soil, the waters, the atmosphere, and, subsequently, the life itself.

The UK officials started the fight against plastics

“We are going to ban these plastic items [plastic straws, cups, and cotton buds],” said the UK’s Environment Minister, Mr. Michael Gove, who was interviewed by the BBC. Mr. Gove also added that it was “a global emergency” that particularly threatens marine life.

This ban will come into effect by “the end of the year” in the form of a law, according to the British government.

A consultation will be launched soon this year on the ban on single-use plastic products in England, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister Theresa May. Exceptions would be provided, such as the use of straws in a medical setting.

The new plan against plastic waste includes taxes on plastic bags used by businesses

More than 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year in the UK, according to the British officials’ calculations.

The British government also wanted to introduce a deposit system for plastic bottles, as is already the case in other European countries, but this measure has not been under focus, yet.

However, in January, Theresa May announced a new plan to fight plastic waste, including the introduction of paid plastic bags to all businesses in England. The current legislation only concerns supermarkets whose customers must pay 5 pence per plastic bag. Besides, as said above, the British government will ban plastic straws, cups, and cotton buds by the end of the year.


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