The Best Part of an Apple According to Science

The Best Part of an Apple According to Science

Who does not like eating apples? We are taught ever since we are little that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Now, the ‘doctors’ or more specifically, scientists, decided to get a closer look at the fruit that once upon a time made so much harm to Snow White.

What is the best part of an apple?

We know apples are good for our health in their entirety, but scientists directed a study that examined the way food bacteria that keeps the gut healthy influence our bodies, and by that if apples have a part which is the healthiest.

The team was part of scientist from Graz University of Technology in Austria and issued their findings in the journal Frontiers of Microbiology.

They started their experiment by studying various parts of the apple, such as the stem, the peel, the fruit pulp, the seeds and the calyx and the bacteria that exist in these parts. The results were surprising. Apparently, the core of the apple and the seeds contain almost 100 million good bacteria, while the pulp and the peel only 10 million bacteria. This is indeed an extraordinary finding as most people throw the core and the seeds of the apple, eating only the rest of the fruit.

The scientists examined not only organic fruits, but also apples that most of us buy from stores. The organic apples are healthier than the other type and taste better due to the higher quantity of bacteria existent in them. The store brought apples can contain pathogens which are not good for our bodies, while organic ones contain lactobacilli and methylobacterium, which are good for our health.

Therefore, while apples are overall healthy, the organic ones have more benefits for our body’s health than the other ones, bought in stores.


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