The Benefits of Napping and How to Make It Work for You

The Benefits of Napping and How to Make It Work for You

How often do you take afternoon naps? If you don’t, maybe you should consider taking a few minutes to get out of the horrible afternoon slump to get re-energized. It is also an appropriate way to make you more alert and in a better mood for the remaining session of the day. But how useful can napping during the day be if you make it a habit?

Napping improves your memory

According to numerous studies, napping can boost your memory and increase your memory recall by a significant percentage. Taking a few minutes off your schedule to take a nap can be very helpful to your brain health, as it revitalizes the brain and improves its general functionalities.

Napping makes you more focused and alert

Again, it has been revealed that a 30-40 minutes’ nap can improve alertness by 99 percent. Depending on different situations, the duration of a nap may determine the level of alertness, but short naps have been found to have better results.

Napping boosts creativity and skill acquisition

Taking longer naps can be immensely beneficial in boosting creativity. When faced with strenuous challenges, creative ideas tend to disappear, but well-timed naps can resolve even the most difficult of situations. Long naps of more than an hour, especially those taken shortly after practicing a skill are quite effective in learning and perfecting the skill.

Other benefits of napping

Napping has also been linked with a variety of other health benefits to humans, from mood enhancement, weight loss, reducing the risk of heart-related conditions, stress reduction, to improving motor skills.

If you can afford a few minutes to take a nap every day, make the most out of it and enjoy a quality nap. The benefits outdo the time lost while sleeping.

Quality napping tips

Find the perfect duration

The right duration for napping varies from individual to individual, and also the nature of activity you are engaged in. While some people will find incredible results from a 10-minute nap, an average of 20 minutes every day might be all you need.

Find the best napping time

Mostly, people take naps in the afternoon, right after lunch when blood sugar levels are starting to dip. However, it does not have to be in the afternoon, but you can schedule to take your naps earlier or even later. The most important thing is to ensure consistency throughout. If you schedule your naps for 2.30 every afternoon, let it remain so.

Find the best napping environment

It is not easy to find dark places to sleep during the day, but that does not mean you cannot have a quality nap. Look for a quiet place far away from direct light, and ensure that the temperature in the room is cool. Some people will nap best with some cool music on. Whatever you do, ensure you create a peaceful environment for napping.

Unfortunately, most people have been made to believe that naps are for kids and the elderly. It is perfectly in order to enjoy as many naps as you can. With the above tips, find maximum benefits of taking a nap every day and see how good your life will turn around.

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