The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning: Best 5 Tips To Start Out

The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning: Best 5 Tips To Start Out

It can be pretty overwhelming how life works sometimes when things are getting busy. On top of daily life, you have to throw in cooking when you get home. This is a matter that’s hard to balance sometimes if you are always super busy, You may work weird hours, have kids playing sports, or you just don’t seem to have the extra time you think you have. It’s a common feeling to have, which is why many are leaning towards meal planning. Meal planning is a great way to save money, eat much healthier, and release that chunk of stress from your life.

Now, meal planning is something that requires you to make changes and adjust to. Here are five tips to help you get off to a wonderful start, even if you are just a beginner.

Think About Your Schedule

You can’t hope to plan for something if you don’t think about what you are doing throughout the week. Which means you have to think about your schedule ahead of time. By doing so, you’ll be able to get a clear understanding of how much time you have from prepping and cooking. If you have anything that could affect your timing write it down. This could be anything from other plans or being late getting home.

Go With Recipes That Fit You Best

It’s always best to pick and choose recipes that are going to work best for you, which means considering the upcoming matter is important. There will be times where you will be super busy so you have to be careful, Consider trying 30 minute makes, meals that can be prepared ahead of time, or even meals that cover multiple days (like crockpot recipes). In some cases, you’ll be able to save some leftovers for lunch the next day. Along with that, you may find it better to find recipes that feature the same ingredients.

Prepare To Grocery Shop Like A Professional

Going grocery shopping on specific days of the week in order to prepare for a meal plan is the best move to make. Although, before you head to the grocery store, make sure you have a list ready to go. Don’t just write everything down scrambled, you want to organize your list into different categories. Many would say that meal planning on Saturdays then handling the shopping Sunday is the most effective thing to do.

Get Others Involved With You

This is a journey that you don’t have to go through on your own. Consider trying to get others involved (friends and family), you can work together in covering every task. Everything can be done together from choosing recipes to preparing the meals. You can even join different communities and groups via social media to share ideas and gather tips.

Take This Change One Step At A Time

Meal planning is a life change that a lot of people are looking into doing. Keep in mind that you don’t have to completely change your life in one big motion. Just take a few small steps at once towards better food and a positive switch. You can control the pace you move in, and you don’t have to be perfect either. Don’t compare your experience based on someone else, because everyone’s meal planning journey is going to be different.


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