The Upcoming Minecraft Update will Improve the Waters

The Upcoming Minecraft Update will Improve the Waters

Minecraft should receive a new update this spring and it will focus on the aquatic aspect of the game. Right now, the water does not hold many things for the players, but it appears that this thing will change the next spring.

The Update Aquatic aims to change the waters of Minecraft and it will come with various additions to it. The following spring, players should expect new creatures and various other new structures in the water.

When it comes to the 4K Super Duper Graphics pack, players will be disappointed to find out that it will not come out this year, but it will be released in 2018.

Update Aquatic will make water exploring interesting

If you are curious about the upcoming update, you should know that there will be treasure hidden in shipwrecks and icebergs, as well as dolphins that should come and help you find the treasures. You will be also glad to hear that the update will allow you to catch fish in a bucket and even build huge aquariums for them.

The oceans will be divided into different biomes and each one will have a different temperature and different fish and coral. There will also be bubble columns and water will interact differently with fence posts and slabs.

The upcoming update also comes with an impressive new weapon, a trident. It can be used for both ranged attacks, as well as melee ones, and you can even throw them, although this means that you won’t get them back unless they are enchanted.

Thanks to a fan vote, Minecraft will also add a flying stingray which can become dangerous since it will attack you if you have not slept in days. Insomnia attracts it and you can find it at high altitudes.


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