Social Media Can Make You Lonely, As Per New Research

Social Media Can Make You Lonely, As Per New Research

Facebook has the potential to make individuals feel more isolated. Recent research found that the findings of a recent study on Facebook and its social media counterpart are more contradictory than the stated objective of establishing connection with other persons. Whether you are a native or a visitor, married or unmarried, or somewhere in between, social media is often a place where you may share everyday recollections, hobbies in groups, or even memes.

According to the news site, Frances Haugen, a well-known Facebook whistleblower, disclosed some of these claims. Indeed, the Meta researchers examined the app’s effect on users’ emotions of loneliness.

When certain sorts of postings appear on a person’s Facebook page, they often feel more alone. For instance, when you see that your buddies have progressed without you. A bad message like this one might intensify your loneliness.

On the other side, you can alleviate loneliness by spending an hour every day on social networks, but if you use it on humorous memes or engaging animal videos. This is consistent with an article published by KnowTechie, which said that the degree of loneliness is also dependent on the amount of time spent on Facebook.

According to a 2014 study cited by Tech Times, persons who habitually overshare their Facebook status updates are more likely to feel lonely. In comparison, a 2016 research found that using the social networking app may help you live longer.

Regardless of the fact that this emotion is associated with social media usage, it’s still impossible to determine the precise influence of Facebook and other sites. There is no suggested time restriction for social media. Depending on your aspirations, you may spend an inordinate amount of time or an insufficient amount of time. Additionally, it is important to be mindful to the post and its substance, as these may have an effect on your mental health. As such, the research places a premium on the user experience.

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