Send a WhatsApp Message Without Adding that Person to Your Address Book

Send a WhatsApp Message Without Adding that Person to Your Address Book

WhatsApp is a chat application that is incredibly easy to use All you need is a smartphone and a phone number and then you can communicate with any other person who has the app. However, before you can send someone a message, you need to add their number to your contact list. This can be quite annoying sometimes, especially if you only need to message that person once and then you have to delete the number.

However, it appears that there are some ways to send a WhatsApp message without having to save the contact first. While you could install a third-party app for that, we will show you a method that does not need another app.

Send a message without saving the number

This method is not difficult, but you will need to be careful, as it might seem tricky at first. While this technique might look a bit difficult, it is definitely better than installing another app on your phone.

  1. First of all open your browser on your phone.
  2. Go to its search bar and type this link: You will need to replace the Xs with the phone number of the person that you want to message. Make sure that you also write the country code, but do not type the “+” there.
  3. After you type the link, press enter and wait.
  4. You should see a WhatsApp window open up. There you will be asked if you want to send a message to that phone number.
  5. If the phone number is the correct one, press the “send message” button.
  6. Now the chat window should open up and you should be able to message that person without needing to save their number in your phone first.


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