Mi Fit APK Download Adds Health Activities which Improve the App’s Stability

Mi Fit APK Download Adds Health Activities which Improve the App’s Stability

Keeping track of your workouts, daily activity and sleep schedule has never been easier! Technology has developed to the point that it’s basically essential to our daily lives. Just take for example Mi Fit which is integrated in Xiaomi’s wearable devices and smartphones. This app helps users keep track of their activity data and motivates them to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

Mi Fit APK Update

The tech industry is ruled by a handful of companies such as Google and Apple. However, there are other competitors who are trying to get a piece of the cake and Xiaomi is the best example of this. This Chinese tech manufacturer is renowned for creating high-end gadgets and for equipping them with cool apps such as Mi Fit.

Just like Google and Apple, Xiaomi is always releasing new updates to its apps to ensure that they run smoothly. In fact, Mi Fit’s version number has been recently brought up to with a new APK that improves its overall stability. The new update is focused solely on enhancing the app’s user experience and it only contains bug fixes.

Available for Download

The update is scheduled to roll out OTA (over the air) to the wide public during the upcoming weeks. Although, eager Mi Fit users can get their hands on the update ahead of everyone else by downloading the APK version of it. The thing that separates APK updates from normal ones is the fact that they are published earlier, and that they also need to be installed manually.

Workout Motivation

The hardest part about living a healthy lifestyle is keeping yourself motivated throughout bad days. Well, this is where Mi Fit comes in and helps users keep their morale up with cool challenges and an interactive leaderboard where they can compete against their friends.


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