Mi Fit 3.1.0 APK Download Available – Helps You Stay Fit and Healthy

Mi Fit 3.1.0 APK Download Available – Helps You Stay Fit and Healthy

Mi Fit has been specially designed to cater towards people who love to exercise. This app tracks important information such as how many exercises users are doing, their sleep schedule and their overall daily activity. Mi Fit is great for keeping track of how many calories users are burning and it’s also good for motivation since it provides users with daily challenges and reminders.

Mi Fit 3.1.0 APK Update

One of the best things about Mi Fit is that it’s always receiving new updates which enhance its overall performance. These updates usually contain performance tweaks and bug fixes. However, there are some that introduce new features, such as this latest Mi Fit update.

The latest Mi Fit update brings the app’s version number up to 3.1.0 and it can be downloaded as an APK. Since this update is an APK, users are required to manually install it, but this is worth it when considering that APK updates are published weeks ahead the official release.

New Features

As previously mentioned, the sole purpose of this app is to help users track their activity. With that said, no one should be surprised to find out that the new update is focused exactly on that. The most important feature that’s being introduced alongside this update improves Mi Fit’s ability to track “Running History”.

The second feature that’s being introduced by this app is focused on Mi Fit’s “Software License and Service Agreement” and “Privacy Policy”. Therefore, Mi Fit users should make sure to read their agreement before signing it because a couple of sections have been updated.

Key Features

This app integrates with the Mi Band which can be used to set, track and follow health and fitness day and night. For example, Mi Fit will record and monitor the user’s sleep schedule and how active they are during their sleep. In addition, Mi Fit features a cool “Early Bird Alarm” that makes sure users will be up and ready to leave for work in the morning.


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