Is iOS 11.11 Really Worth the Update?

Is iOS 11.11 Really Worth the Update?

The newest operating system released by Apple fixes a rather unusual autocorrect bug and some argue that apart from that it might bring more disadvantages when installing. The bug fix Apple was in a hurry to correct was concerning the letter “i”, which autocorrected into letter ‘a” with an accent.

iOS 11.11: fixes

Apart from the keyboard auto-correct fix, another one is an issue which stopped Hey Siri from working. The size of the update depends on the device it is installed on (it weights around 50MB). The update is compatible with iPhone 5S and later models, iPad mini 2 or later models and 6th iPod touch generation or later.

Most users have already received a notification to download and install the new iOS 11.11.

How to install the update manually

For those who were not notified to install the newest Apple OS update, it is very simple to download it manually. Users simply have to go to Settings, tap on the option General, then tap on Software Update and if the device is registered as part of Apple’s beta program, then simply unroll the device. Once the device is unrolled, the new iOS 11.11 should become visible.

Some users might not want to install the new iOS 11.11

Those who love installing jailbreak mods will not be pleased with the newest iOS. The iOS 11.11 will remove jailbreak from a user’s iPhone and it is not known when a new one for this update will be released.

Another reason claimed by some is the instability of the newest update, especially concerning battery life. Some used Twitter to let Apple know that once they have installed the newest iOS update, they started to experience severe life battery issues. Some other problems reported were camera bugs, notification breaks and the two main foxes not working.


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