Google Maps Go Beta Program Download Available Available in the US

Google Maps Go Beta Program Download Available Available in the US

It’s been a month since Google has started their beta program for Google Maps Go. The app is a light version of Google Maps, focusing on using less mobile data. So far, the app wasn’t available for non-Go phones or it was restricted to be available only for several countries, which disappointed many users. But it was easy to access the app via Chrome, and save its shortcut on the phone for future use and for those that had a slow connection or wanted to save data.

That was until now, when Google realized Google Maps Go would be successful everywhere, so they have expanded their beta program for this version to the US.

Old and new smartphones are compatible with the latest beta of Google Maps Go, and they can all get the same APK file. This also means that since January, Google hasn’t changed anything to the Maps Go app.

A Basic App For Finding Your Way Around

As a light version of the full Google Maps app, Google Maps Go comes with the basics, so don’t expect to see too many features inside it. You will see your location on the map, you can get directions and you can even see your saved places. And we think that’s quite enough when your connection is slow. The main goal is to know where you are and how to get from point A to point B.

Until now, the beta testing has expanded to the US, but it might also be available in other countries too. If you want to try Maps Go, you will have to go to Play store and join the testing group. After signing up for testing, you will be able to download and see what it can do. If you don’t join the testing group, you will not see the app listing your devices as compatible.

Remember, that as with any beta versions, the apps can be unstable.

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