Google Earth Business – Anyone Can Use Video Mapping Technologies

Google Earth Business – Anyone Can Use Video Mapping Technologies

Businesses will be able to make better decisions when it comes to conservation projects and maintenance, and that is thanks to Video Mapping technologies. This technology comes from Red Hen Systems, a geospatial company.

RHS is based in Colorado and for more than 20 years this company has worked to locate infrastructure and natural resources. Their Video Mapping system will manage to geotag the entire video in Google Earth and it will capture the position of the asset when it comes to a survey.

By downloading a Video Mapping software, powerline and pipeline conditions can be assessed automatically and it is also easier to monitor flooding and animal migrations.

Businesses that can benefit from Video Mapping

  • Emergency responders

Emergency responders who have to watch out for storms, tsunamis and flood can use this technology in order to see real-time images of disasters. A swift water rescue technician and storm damage responder explained how these technologies are used: “I wanted to geotag videos and photos to layer them over maps to make an interactive map for the public to see real-time imagery of flooding by clicking the map. Geotagging would allow us to automate the process”

  • Helicopter pilots

The pilots also tend to assist with search and rescue so they can also benefit from this technology. “We used a GPS receiver while videotaping, manually review and cross-reference the track log locations with the video frames, and mark them on the map. VM automatically geotag miles of video footage”, explained a pilot.

  • Engineering firms

Engineering firms can use Video Mapping technology for their construction and infrastructure projects. Usually this line of work requires various services, including database creation and GIS map projections. With the help of Video Mapping technology, this work can be decompiled.

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