The Google AI Can Detect Heart Diseases In Eyes

The Google AI Can Detect Heart Diseases In Eyes

The Google AI can now detect heart disease in the eyes of the patients. The new solution proposed by scientists at Google will make the investigations for heart disease into some less invasive ones.

Fortunately for the people who are afraid of needles and blood tests, especially, Google comes with great news. In the future, it may be much easier to have your annual blood tests’ results. Especially if you have a risk of heart disease history in the family, it would be advisable to do a blood check at regular intervals and, unfortunately, at the moment, this is not done non-invasive.

The best solution for identifying heart disease will come from “Verily”, a Google subsidiary that’s specializing in medical innovations

Scientists at Verily have created an artificial intelligence capable of identifying a burgeoning series of symptoms related to blood circulation and heart’s health by only checking the patients’ eyes.

The work detailing the entire process was published in the journal “Nature”.

The study explains the process by which artificial intelligence scans the eyes of a patient and can predict possible cardiovascular disorders.

Although the scanning system is not invasive and patients shouldn’t feel a thing, it will reach the bottom of the eye and will provide information that, in the past, has never been so easily available.

What can the Google AI read?

With the Google AI system, a doctor can read your age, your blood pressure, and whether you’re a smoker or not.

The very fact that you do not have to take blood tests to obtain accurate results is a blessing for those who are afraid of needles.

Verily Google AI applied what the science has discovered for a long time ago. Namely, it has been known for many years that the blood vessels behind the eyes can give elaborate information about the health.

Luckily, now there is the Google AI that can read heart disease in the eyes of the patient.


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