Fitbit 2.6.2 APK Download Contains a Plethora of Bug Fixes which Improve Fitness Performance

Fitbit 2.6.2 APK Download Contains a Plethora of Bug Fixes which Improve Fitness Performance

Fitbit is a health focused app that is revolutionizing the world. This is a cross platform app which means that its available for both iOS and Android fans, and it helps them improve their lives. The way Fitbit can do that is by providing users with the necessary tools to track their sleep schedule, workouts and by motivating them to eat healthier.

Fitbit 2.6.2 APK Update

The latest version of Fitbit measures in at 39.17MB and it can be downloaded for free. The update has yet to be released OTA (over the air) by the developers, but Fitbit users who want to make sure their app is recording data and providing them with valuable information as it should, can download the APK version of the update.

Even though Fitbit is available for both iOS and Android, this latest update can only be downloaded by Android users. Hence the name APK which is an acronym for Android Package Kit. Also, we need to mention that the update is targeted towards Android 7.1 Nougat powered devices, but it also runs on a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

Daily Goals

The feature that makes Fitbit special and which helps it overshadow its competition is its daily goals system. The app features a cool system that helps motivate users to run that extra mile by setting a daily goal for them and comparing their workouts against their friends.


As previously mentioned, Fitbit compares workouts so that it can give users the extra push they need to finish a new set. The way Fitbit does that is through a clever leaderboard that adds a competitive side to the app. Therefore, people who love working out will have a great platform to compete and to show their friends how active they are.


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