Facebook Beta APK Download Adds Performance Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Facebook Beta APK Download Adds Performance Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Facebook is world’s leading social media platform with an active user base of over 1.3 billion people. That user base is immense and the developers behind the app are always under pressure to keep improving Facebook with new updates. Therefore, the mobile version of Facebook receives a new APK (Android Package Kit) every other week.

Facebook Beta APK

The latest Facebook update brings the app’s version number up to Beta and the APK version of it is available right now. APK files are always released weeks before the official OTA (over the air) update is published. Therefore, eager Facebook users can test out all the latest updates ahead of everyone else.

Improvements for Reliability and Speed

Even though people love to receive visual changes and innovative features, this is not the case with this latest APK. The update’s changelog states that this new update is focused towards only improving the app’s overall reliability and speed through bug fixes and minor software tweaks. However, the lack of features doesn’t mean that this update is not important.

Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family Members

Facebook is a great social media platform and it excels when it comes to helping people keep in touch. Everybody owns a Facebook account, including high profile celebrities and local business. Therefore, people can talk with their old high school friends or follow their favorite athletes and singers with the help of Facebook’s services.

Sharing Pictures, Videos and Even Thoughts

One of the coolest things about Facebook is that it enables users to share their favorite pictures and videos. This makes it a great platform where users can find all the entertainment they want. However, things get even better since Facebook is also a great place where people can share their views and thoughts through the “status update” feature.


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