Coronavirus Breakdown Could Postpone the Launch of Upcoming Mozilla Firefox Updates

Coronavirus Breakdown Could Postpone the Launch of Upcoming Mozilla Firefox Updates

The latest coronavirus breakdown influenced almost every tech giants’ plans and launch events. As a part of these troubles, Google has already ceased the development of Chrome 82, while Microsoft postponed the launch events of the upcoming Chromium Edge variants. So far, there were rumors about the next releases of Mozilla Firefox. The company doesn’t intend to postpone the new Firefox launch events, according to the official Mozilla Wiki page.

Recently, the browser devs announced that the Covid-19 outbreak wouldn’t influence the launch plans of Firefox. Mozilla has dropped the flexible released plan and changed to four-week cycles a few days ago. The upcoming plan update indicates that Mozilla will continue to roll out the updates monthly. We should expect the next Stable to launch on April 7.

Mozilla Firefox Could Not Launch Some Feature On-Time Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

The chance that the current coronavirus outbreak to slow down is unknown. Such a situation could affect the Mozilla development processes more than imagined. So, if it happens, the company could postpone the launch of some features. Then, we’ll have to wait for them for a couple of months.

Mozilla tries, on the other hand, to do something else. Devs began to review all the features that are planned for launch soon. The chance that the review team to reschedule some non-significant feature for a later launch date exists. Mozilla details on the official Wiki page: “Sticking with the published release schedule for the moment; expect feature development to slow down tough; reviewing planned features for breaking potential, and delaying some changes.”

Moreover, the company made some intriguing modifications in Firefox 74. It also announced that it would disable the security protocols TLS 1.1 and 1.0. But, some government pages ultimately needed those security protocols. So, the support for outdated protocols ceased, and it blocked lots of Firefox users from accessing those websites.

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