Buying Books Online at Low Prices: Best Websites to Use

Buying Books Online at Low Prices: Best Websites to Use

Reading your favorite book in electronic format (aka ebook) from a tablet or smartphone as you are waiting for the bus or during your breaks from work can surely be a very pleasant and useful activity. But there’s nothing like the real deal, such as enjoying a good old physical book as you delight yourself with its unique smell.

One great advantage we have nowadays is that we can do our research about the books that we are interested in very easily, thanks to the amazing powers of the online realm. There are millions of books out there to choose from, and there are lots of websites that offer them for borrowing or buying. We can learn a lot about a specific book before deciding if we buy it or not.

Therefore, what are the best websites to use for buying your favorite books at low prices? Let’s dive into the subject:


If you are looking for rare and out-of-print books, you can keep in mind that the guys from ThriftBooks have a wide range of genres and titles available. The books offered even come at discounted prices, which is always great news for those willing to get their hands on new things to read.

The books that ThriftBooks has to offer have been used already, but the detailed descriptions of the condition of the books will indeed be relevant enough. The books come from pretty much all genres: textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and even children’s books. The prices are usually lower than those of new books, while promotions and discounts for additional savings are also frequently offered.


Abebooks also offers numerous books, and they come from different sellers. The books have already been used in most cases, but the description regarding the condition that appears near every title can provide further clarification. If you choose to buy from Abebooks, it’s best to choose the continent you live in so that the platform will only recommend sellers from that area of the globe.

Abebooks is specialized when it comes to offering used, new, rare, and out-of-print books, as well as collectibles, art, and ephemera.

There are thousands of independent booksellers on Abebooks, including antiquarian bookshops, specialized dealers, and individuals.

One of the best features that Abebooks has to offer is the one that allows users to compare prices from different sellers for the same title. In this way, you can find the best deal available.

Book Depository:

With Book Depository, you can benefit from free worldwide shipping to more than 170 countries. The vast collection of books available on this platform is available in multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, and German. There’s a wide range of genres and categories available on Book Depository, such as academic books, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, eBooks, and even audiobooks.

The pricing that Book Depository has to offer is pretty competitive, as the prices may vary depending on the title and edition. The platform even regularly offers competitive deals and discounts when it comes to popular books.

The customer service that Bpok Depository has to offer also stands out for its quality, as it offers a 30-day return policy in the case of all orders. If you have any questions or issues, you should definitely take advantage of the responsive customer support team.


If you’re looking for the lowest-possible price for books, BookOutlet might represent the best choice. That’s because this platform specializes in offering books that are deeply discounted, with savings reaching up to 90% off the retail price.

BookOutlet sells publisher overstocks, remaindered books, and bargain editions. There’s a wide range of genres and categories available, such as fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and young adult. The platform regularly receives new books, which means that you should definitely keep an eye on their offers if you want a specific book!

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the guys in charge of BookOutlet make sure that their books are in good condition. There are detailed descriptions of the condition of each book.

Better World Books:

Let’s also not forget about Better World Books, another interesting platform that offers numerous books at low prices. This website operates with a social mission to promote literacy and education across the world, which is, indeed, a very noble act. Better World Books donates a portion of its proceeds to literacy initiatives.

There’s a wide selection of used books on Better World Books, such as textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and even rare editions. The platform also offers audiobooks and brand-new books.

As for the prices, you will usually find lower prices for used books compared to new books, and the platform even regularly offers promotions and discounts when it comes to additional savings.

You should definitely not get discouraged that many of the books that the websites mentioned above have to offer have been used already by others. In many cases you can see the quality of the specific book you are interested in, which means that if there is any major damage there, you will be informed by the website in most of the cases.

Feel free to share your opinion with us regarding your personal favorite websites when it comes to buying books online!



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