Best Android Oreo Features That You Did Not Know About

Best Android Oreo Features That You Did Not Know About

The Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade was a major one and it came with plenty of features. However, many devices have only received Oreo recently, so it is very likely that not all users have a chance to explore all the functions of Oreo.

Therefore, today we will show you some hidden features that can be really useful, despite the fact that they are not that well-known.

Snoozing notifications

Notifications can be a useful reminder, but you probably don’t like to receive a ton of notifications when you are busy doing something else. Luckily, Oreo allows you to snooze your notifications until later. In order to do that, simply slide the notification and you should see a clock icon.

Customize notifications

Android Oreo came with plenty of functions for notifications, and you are also able to customise them. For example, you are able to disable notification dots if you are not a fan. In order to do that go to Apps & notifications > App info > [app name] > App notifications.

You are also able to customise channels. For example, you can turn off the channel that a notification belongs to. There are also some settings for sound and notification importance.

Limit background processes for apps

You probably already know that apps that work in the background are one of the main reason why your battery drains so fast. Android Oreo does come with plenty of limits, but for older apps you will have to do things manually.

Go to system settings and then head over to Apps & notifications > App info. Select the app that you want to change and you should find a link to battery usage on the info screen. Tap it and you will be able to turn off the toggle for Background activity.


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