Apple Rolls Out iOS 11.1.1 Update which Removes Two Annoying Bugs

Apple Rolls Out iOS 11.1.1 Update which Removes Two Annoying Bugs

If there’s one thing that Apple excels at, it must be at how quick it reacts to bugged out software updates. Even though the Cupertino based tech company is known for its premium and lag free operating system, some issues still manage to pop up.

Autocorrect Bug

Take for example the latest autocorrect bug which messed up everyone’s text messages. Instead of helping people write faster and grammatically correct texts, the autocorrect feature did the exact opposite. Considering that everyone sends texts instead of placing audio calls nowadays, this bug proved to be quite annoying.

People quickly started complaining about this issue, but Apple didn’t have a quick fix for it and advised iPhone and iPad owners to simply use Text Replacement as a manual workaround so that they use the letters which autocorrect changes to random symbols.

Apple Releases iOS 11.1.1

Fortunately, Apple listened to the user feedback it received and rolled out iOS 11.1.1. The new operating system update doesn’t contain any new and innovative features, but it does come with the highly anticipated autocorrect bug fix.

Regarding the bug, for some unknown reason the autocorrect feature changed the letter “I” to “A[?]”. What’s even stranger than this is that the bug didn’t spread to all iOS powered devices and it affected only a certain number of users. Nonetheless, the bug is finally gone and iPhone owners can send texts without having to worry about it.

Siri Bug Fix

It seems like the new operating system takes care of another annoying issue which caused Siri to bug out at times. The second issue that’s being patched with iOS 11.1.1 is related to Siri’s problems to respond to vocal commands. The fact that Apple’s artificial assistant couldn’t respond to the “Hey Siri” command was a real problem and we can be glad that Apple fixed it.


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