Android Oreo Gets the First Major Update – Improved Cache Management and App Fixes

Android Oreo Gets the First Major Update – Improved Cache Management and App Fixes

Android 8.0 Oreo is one of the best Android versions, but unfortunately, it is available only for a few devices right now. While many users are still expecting this update, Google has already come up with the first major update for this Android: version 8.1.

This new update will come with some new features that prove to be incredibly useful for all users. Let us take a look at what this new update has to offer.

App cache

Storage can be a problem even for devices that come with a lot of memory. You do not want apps that clog your storage. Luckily for you, Android 8.1 will come improve cache management. This means that applications that are not used too often won’t be able to hog the same amount of space.

Therefore, if an application is installed but not used too often, the phone will mark the cache as technically unimportant which means that the app won’t be able to hog too much space. Users who do not have a lot of storage should appreciate this feature, especially since it will also work for preinstalled applications. However, the new feature still won’t allow you uninstall preinstalled apps.

Learn why certain apps drain your battery life

Another feature should focus on applications that hog too much battery. You can already see which application hog too much battery, but the upcoming update will also allow you to see why certain apps are battery draining. If you do not want to disable apps that use your battery, you will learn exactly why an application is hogging too much battery. If notifications are the ones that are draining your battery you can easily disable them and continue to use your application.


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