Tech and the Health Industry – Changing Our Lives for the Better

Tech and the Health Industry – Changing Our Lives for the Better

Humanity is headed towards a golden age of healthcare and this is supported by the efforts of those in the tech industry. Thanks to the latest technological developments, we are able to live much healthier lives for a greater number of years. Here are some of the innovations arising from this partnership.

Artificial Organs

While organ transplants have been a medical procedure for decades now, the development of artificial organs has been relatively slower. However, creating such items could massively benefit so many people all around the world, and could help people who never thought they would see a transplant get a new, functioning organ.

One of the biggest innovations so far has been the development of an artificial pancreas. This is grown inside the body and monitors blood sugar levels to administer a dose of insulin as needed. Developments like this are just some of what is occurring in this industry, but they could make a massive difference to those with diabetes and other illnesses. We are even seeing the use of artificial blood which can substitute for red blood cells to carry oxygen and other gases throughout the body as needed.

Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic limbs are more sophisticated than ever before. While they may have once been simple substitutions for a missing limb, they can now be operated with a finesse and degree of control similar to a real and functioning limb. What’s more, the boom in 3D printing technologies makes sophisticated limbs like these all the more affordable, so low-income families and individuals can get access to prosthetics they could never have dreamed of before.

Organisations like Kohli Ventures and industry experts like Albert Manero are ensuring that provisions are in place to help those who need it the most. No matter what, prosthetic limbs are slowly becoming more affordable for those who need them the most.

Robotic Surgeries

Many top surgeons are now beginning to use robots in procedures that require a grace and delicacy that cannot be achieved with the human hand alone. Thanks to the push forward in this area of robotics, surgeries that were once thought to be high-risk are now far easier to implement successfully.

It is doubtful that robots will fully replace human surgeons, as some have feared in the past. What we can expect in this particular scenario, is for robots to become one of the many tools that surgeons use to help their patients when they are on the operating tables.

The health industry has always been held up by the tech industry, but some incredibly exciting developments are now possible thanks to the hard work of developers and engineers, in addition to the medical staff themselves. Thanks to their hard work, we are able to see many people taking advantage of tech that they otherwise may not have ever been able to use. No matter what, it is clear that this intersection of the health and tech industries will remain an exciting place to watch in the future.


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