Synbiotics Are Said to Support Your Gut Health, But Are They the New Probiotics?

Synbiotics Are Said to Support Your Gut Health, But Are They the New Probiotics?

Probiotics, prebiotics, and now synbiotics? You might think the secret lies in the “-tics” at the end of each word, but in fact, there’s more to think about it. Whether you’re aware or not, all this stuff is now part of a massive buzzy nutrition trend that you shouldn’t miss out. At least, that’s what some experts say.

Synbiotics are more related to probiotics and prebiotics than you can imagine. And the concept behind them is pretty complicated yet essential. Curious to find out more?

Here are some facts backed by science.

Synbiotics 101: a Nutrition Trend

As previously mentioned, synbiotics are pretty much related to the whole probiotics, prebiotics business. So their role in this intriguing ‘alliance’ is essential, as per researchers’ findings.

A friend in need is a friend…

Usually, probiotics can experience some survival challenges while passing through the intestinal tract, meaning that they might not actually end up in the gut. 

Synbiotics are some supplements that contain probiotic strains in addition to prebiotics. So, you can see the connection here.

These supplements are believed to improve the survival and activity of beneficial microorganisms in the gut. In other words, doing probiotics’ job.

Should we take synbiotics?

Remember that it’s better if you discuss it first with your doctor. Synbiotics are currently a buzzy trend, and that doesn’t mean you should follow it just because it is popular. Also, what might work for a person, can do more harm than good for you.

More research on synbiotics is needed. Unfortunately, researchers don’t have yet much data to show that these supplements are more effective than eating a diet rich in prebiotics. 

However, they seem to do their job so far. Supporting your gut microbiome should be a priority, and you don’t necessarily have to take supplements.

You can eat more vegetables, fruits, fermented foods, whole grains, or a plant-based diet. 



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