Surprise from Antarctica: Camera attached to Seal Exposes Something Peculiar

Surprise from Antarctica: Camera attached to Seal Exposes Something Peculiar

While a lot of people are thinking about exploring other planets as much as possible, the truth is that there are plenty of unanswered questions about our own planet. A team of scientists had the ingenious idea of attaching a camera to a seal, and what they found was something never seen before.

While most people like to explore the surface of the frozen continent, the researchers tried to figure out what lies in the cold waters below. Advexon’s “Under the Ice” documentary reveals what surprise the researchers had.

Life and hunting below the ice

While some people would say that nothing can possibly exist under the frozen waters of Antarctica, it looks like there’s a fascinating world down there of life and hunting.

An official presentation of the documentary says:

“They have glued instruments on his back and a camera on his head to explore a world of life and hunting under the ice that would otherwise be hidden forever.

“An observation chamber has been built under the ice near the ice near the hole and one of the team is there to watch the seal’s behaviour.”

The beautiful seal does his job very well as an explorer,  but it will be returned to its place once the missions end. The animal will be working with the scientists for a pretty long time, maybe even months.

Antarctica is a very dangerous place, and not only for the extremely cold waters below its surface. Some of the ice from the continent achieves even 3 km thickness, but the big danger lies somewhere else: in the fact that huge portions of the continents are melting, and NASA also warned the world about it. Recent reports are revealing strangely high temperatures in Antarctica, and thus came the melting.

With or without ice, Antarctica remains a great site for exploration.


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