One-in-four People Don’t Want Children, Says a New Study

One-in-four People Don’t Want Children, Says a New Study

More people dying than those who are born obviously represents a major issue for a nation’s future. But looking at the society from nowadays, fewer and fewer people want to have children, and a new study confirms it. Although it was once considered a mandatory thing in order to have a fulfilled life, having children isn’t among the priorities of many people anymore. writes about the new study in question that announces a grim future for the US. Over one-fourth of respondents said that they’re not willing to have children. Oddly enough, there weren’t major differences in the personality or life satisfaction between those who don’t want children and those who are already parents or are willing to leave offspring on this world.

Jennifer Neal, who is an associate professor in psychology at MSU, said to Gizmodo via email:

Past surveys have used data about fertility to identify childfree people, but the choice to be childfree has nothing to do with fertility. Past surveys also tend to focus on women of childbearing age, and leave out men and older adults,
This study is different because we identify childfree people by actually asking them if they ever want to have children, and we include men and women of all ages.

Data from the State of the State Survey of the MSU was used, meaning a wide-reaching public opinion online survey of residents. Responses were collected from 1,000 adults surveyed in May 2020. There were questions about having either biological or adopted children as well as the personality traits and attitudes towards those who don’t have children.
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