Study Reveals Water Beneath Mars

Study Reveals Water Beneath Mars

A science report from this week suggests that salty water has been found on Mars. Due to this finding, there is a clue that life might also be there.

A European spacecraft made some observation based on which the discovery was made. Water sustains life, so experts are excited to find out more about this.

In 2016, a geophysicist at the University of Texas called Casse Stuurman discovered a massive ice deposit on the red planet.

She says “If these researchers are right, this is the first time we’ve found evidence of a large water body on Mars.”

However, studies still need to be developed as researchers are not familiar with all the details such as how deep is the water found on Mars and if it is just wet soil.

The discovery of the water was made possible by radar signals. It was a process of three years held by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft which resulted in the finding of a 1.5 kilometers thick and 20-kilometer-wide water boy having its placement at the southern pole of the planet.

The data has been examined by researchers for two years until it was safe to say that what they have found was water.

The lead writer of the study, Roberto Orosei si and astrophysicist at National Institute of Astrophysics in Bologna and he can not control his excitement. “I really have no other explanation. This water would be extremely cold, right at the point where it’s about to freeze. And it would be salty.”

Mars is the star of many reports and studies as it is continuously explored by different groups who either examine it from space or place instruments on its surface. NASA has also launched InSight Mars lander, their spacecraft in may. It aims to find a flat area until November.


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