Study: Men Are Twice More Likely to Die From the Virus Than Women

Study: Men Are Twice More Likely to Die From the Virus Than Women

From 1000 people infected with the new coronavirus that are under 50, none will die. From people in their fifties or sixties, around five will die. And on this list, there are more men than women.  For every 1000 people in their mid-seventies, 116 will die.

This is the data we got according to a study into the mortality risk for COVID-19.


 We knew from the very beginning that age had an essential role in the early pandemic. Researchers have looked at the presence of antibodies in people infected with the virus. They have taken a look at people from Spain, England, Italy, and Switzerland.


Marm Kilpatrick, an infectious-disease researcher at the University of California, stated: “It gives us a much sharper tool when asking what the impact might be on a certain population that has a certain demographic.”


How important is age?


These studies show that age is the most substantial factor when it comes to an infected person and its risk of dying. We’re talking about the infection fatality ratio (IFR), which shows the proportion of people infected with the virus. This also includes people who didn’t get tested or who didn’t show symptoms, who died anyway.


Andrew Levin, an economist at Dartmouth College in Hanover, stated: “COVID-19 is not just hazardous for elderly people, it is hazardous for people in their mid-fifties, the sixties, and seventies.” It seems that, for people who are 60 years old, it is more fatal to catch the virus than to drive a car.


However, age does not really explain everything there is to explain. Gender is also a risk factor. Men are twice more likely to die from the virus than women. And data from numerous countries show death due to the virus is linked to underlying health conditions, the health-care systems, and if the virus has gotten among the people that live in elderly-care facilities.


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