Study Explains USA’s Unjustified Expenses On Health Care, People Are Outraged

Study Explains USA’s Unjustified Expenses On Health Care, People Are Outraged

The United States is more than aware of the number of health problems that affect members of their country so it should come as no surprise that they allocate a large sum of money for health care. Their biggest health problems are cardiac diseases and obesity, among others. However, a new study found out that this large sum of money cannot be justified.

USA spends more on Health Care than other developed countries

Liana Woskie, one of the study’s co-author, saw that America spends more than countries like France, Japan, Canada or even Germany when it comes to health care. However, they do not seem to have more specialists in medical fields than these countries to justify this amount of money.

So where is the problem? Woskie found out that this sum of money is due to the cost of all the tests, drugs and office visits. They are way more expensive than they need to be.

The study and its data

In order to have soundproof results, Woskie and her team of researchers compared the US to other 10 countries that do very well in the healthcare department. These countries are Denmark, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, Sweden, and Japan.

They saw that, on average, the US spends almost twice as much on healthcare than the before mentioned countries. To be exact, they spend 17.8 percent of their gross domestic product compared to 9.6 percent or 12.4 that other countries spend.

Does this mean that America has better living conditions? Yet again, this money is not put to good use since America has a very high mortality rate for infants and a very low life expectancy rate, compared to the other 10 countries.

In conclusion, the US spends more on the same things and these practices need to change so that the leftover money can be invested in other medical procedures or treatments.


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