Study Discovers Super Strong Human Antibodies That Proved Useful In Protecting Against Coronavirus

Study Discovers Super Strong Human Antibodies That Proved Useful In Protecting Against Coronavirus

A team of researchers led by Scripps Research has observed antibodies in the blood of patients that won then fight against the novel coronavirus. The antibodies that are found in the blood of those who overcome the virus proved to be extremely useful in protecting against the virus, as it was proved via tests on both human and animal cell cultures.

About The Study

The research was published recently in Science, and it provides critical data to an ongoing deadly pandemic. It is a crucial step in developing treatments and preventives for COVID-19.

Dennis Burton, a co-senior author of the study, said: “The discovery of these very potent antibodies represents an extremely rapid response to a totally new pathogen.”

The analysis revealed that nearly eight million people worldwide have tested positive for coronavirus infection, and over four hundred thousand have died because of the infection or complications provoked by it.

Unfortunately, the virus is still spreading, as the daily toll of new infections is still growing.

Therefore, identifying antibodies that neutralize the virus’s infectiousness and harvesting them might be the way to go.

The scientists managed to isolate over a thousand distinct antibody-producing immune cells, known as B cells, each of which resulted in a distinct anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody.

Usefulness Of The Data

Injecting such antibodies might help patients in the early stage of the infection decrease the potency of the virus and protect against the worst phase of the disease.

The antibodies can be used as temporary, vaccine-like protection against the infection for those who need it most – elderly people, healthcare workers, or those who respond poorly to traditional vaccines.

The team of researchers is working on producing large quantities of the promising antibodies for further testing.


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