Students’ Strengths and Weaknesses Nowadays: What Are They Facing?

Students’ Strengths and Weaknesses Nowadays: What Are They Facing?

What challenges do students face on a daily basis, and how does the pressure from society affect them thus far? To truly comprehend who we are, we must first become aware of both our talents and our faults. So, if you’re feeling apprehensive about your future or about who you are, just keep in mind that you’re not the only one and that it’s OK to have some areas in which you struggle.

We always need to have a solid understanding of both our strong points and our weak points. Let’s get into more specifics regarding the challenges that students in today’s world could face. The following is a list of both strengths and flaws, along with some other meaningful details that may serve as pieces of advice. Keep in mind that none of these characteristics can last forever. Times change, just like we do!


1. Creativity

Creativity is perceived as food for the soul. It may help you stand out from the competition if you explain how your creative thinking contributed to your academic accomplishment or the solution to an issue. This quality is beneficial in any employment or subject area you might be interested in majoring in, but it is especially important in the arts.

So, just think outside the box!

2. Reliable and Honest

It is to your advantage to demonstrate that you can be relied upon to carry out duties and that you can be trusted to handle important aspects of a work. Think about putting an emphasis on how trustworthy you are, particularly if you are searching for a job. Because young people are difficult to foresee, many individuals who run businesses search for reliable and honest traits.

3. An Independent Student

Here’s something to get your creative juices flowing! Learning on one’s own is not just an ideal quality to highlight in personal statements for college or, why not, job applications but also one that is beneficial to one’s life in general. Don’t be afraid to show off your ability to teach yourself new things. It might be the deciding factor between you and a person who would benefit far more from extensive practical experience.

4. Engaging in Reflective Thinking

The process of critical thinking entails the methodical examination of data that has been gathered via observation, reasoning, experience, and introspection. In order to arrive at a conclusion, it is also necessary to take into account a number of possible possibilities. This tenacity is also a useful trait that demonstrates that you are prepared to confront whatever challenges may lie ahead! Be the inspiration people need.

5. Time Management

There is a large pool of student qualities from which to pick; nevertheless, including this strength in your application demonstrates that you have what it takes to be successful. Why would that be? Your ability to manage time effectively gives you the ability to successfully manage competing interests within your timetable. You will not get behind in any of your lessons, activities, or events since you are able to handle everything well.


1. Criticizing Oneself

As a student, engaging in self-criticism can result in burnout and self-punishment, both of which prevent you from functioning at your full potential or enjoying the setting in which you are learning. And you know what they say, we’re our worst enemies! So, think about it, would you really want to be that?!

2. Disruptive

Being disruptive is not the absolute worst thing that might happen, but it definitely is annoying as hell to get on other people’s nerves! And this is the essence of the matter. Your academic and professional achievements are not the only things that will suffer if you are disruptive; others’ advancements will suffer as well.

3. Apathy

If you’re a student and you’re apathetic, it indicates that you don’t care 100 % about your academics, the world around you, or the repercussions of your actions. This mentality prevents you from appreciating the benefit of learning and dedicating yourself in a manner that is commensurate with that worth. Keep in mind that there’s more going on there than meets the eye!

4. Appeasing the General Public, aka the People Pleaser

A student who has difficulty satisfying others is less likely to have boundaries and is unable to say no to requests. This can be problematic for the student’s academic performance, which is the worst possible outcome. Keep in mind that although helping others is a wonderful thing to do, there is a difference between doing that and doing anything a person requests of you! Learn the difference between the two by not jumping to any conclusions too quickly.

5. Indiscipline

It could appear foolish to identify this as one of your shortcomings as a student, yet, doing so demonstrates a capacity to engage in self-reflection and to take responsibility for one’s actions. We all have to abide by some guidelines, but even if you aren’t completely committed to doing so, you should at least make an effort to be conscious of them.

It is not a pointless thing to discuss both your academic achievements and faults with other people. In fact, this practice could assist employers and educators in evaluating your potential and determining how best to cultivate and make use of your abilities. Therefore, always make an effort to look on the bright side of things!


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