Struggling with a stye? Here’s how you can treat it at home

Struggling with a stye? Here’s how you can treat it at home

Styes are a common, localized infection that affects the eyelid area. This irritating condition manifests as a tender, red bump – much like a pimple – on the eyelid or along the waterline. These lumps sound insignificant, but they’re enough to leave you with pain and discomfort, swollen eyelids, tenderness, a crusty-like discharge in the corners of your eye, and even a burning sensation. All of which can leave you feeling self-conscious and frustrated. Thankfully, this article can advise you on how to get rid of a stye using home remedies and simple intervention – click the link to find out more.

What is a stye? And what causes them?

A stye is an infection that is caused by bacteria named staphylococcal. This bacterium can infiltrate two areas of the eye and cause issues. These can either be classed as an external infection – where the stye manifests at the base of the eyelash, or an internal infection – where one of your oil glands becomes clogged and harbors the bacteria, developing into a stye. You can develop a stye in various locations, including inside and under the eyelid, on the lower eyelid, and on the upper eyelid.

Should I see a doctor?

Not usually. Styes are incredibly common and often clear up quickly without medical intervention. However, if you’re worried about your vision, struggling to open your eyes, concerned about a child who has developed a stye, or your stye hasn’t healed within a week or two, contact your family doctor as soon as possible.

How can I treat my stye at home?

Quite effectively. Styes can be terribly irritating and uncomfortable, but thankfully they don’t take long to heal. And you can even accelerate the process by trying some of these home-remedy interventions.

Keep your eyelids clean

Keeping your eyelids clean is essential when you have a stye. It will help prevent the bacteria from spreading and help accelerate the healing process. Cleansing your eyelids with warm water and mild, diluted baby shampoo, or mild cleanser at least twice a day with a fresh, clean washcloth or cotton pad will help.

Apply a warm compress

Once you’ve cleansed your eyelid, consider applying a warm compress to help with the healing process and reduce the swelling of your stye. Simply dampen a (clean) washcloth with warm water and place it over your eyelid for at least ten minutes. You can do this throughout the day.

Stop wearing makeup

If you’re someone who applies eye makeup regularly, then you should avoid cosmetics whilst you have a stye. Not only could you aggravate the issue, but you could also spread the bacteria. Going make-up free will aid the healing process.

Switch back to glasses

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ll need to put your lenses on hold until your stye has cleared up. Wearing contacts makes it harder for the bacteria to be cleansed away and you’re risking your eye health. Switch back to your frames until your stye is healed.

And finally, be patient!

Don’t try to pop your stye to accelerate the healing process. Be patient, follow the tips above or speak with your doctor for more advice.


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