Stress Can Cause Heart Attacks, A New Study Concluded

Stress Can Cause Heart Attacks, A New Study Concluded

Stress has become a regular part of our life these days, and we need to deal with it in one way or another. The problem is that stress doesn’t limit at the emotional suffering, and in higher levels can lead to heart diseases, more exactly heart attacks and cardiovascular problems.

What Are the Latest Studies Showing?

Researchers from Sweden had conducted a study on 137,000 people with stress-related disorders. The study was realized on siblings with diagnoses like post-traumatic stress disorder or acute stress after a traumatic event. The data taken from the ones that participated in the survey were the rates of cardiovascular disease, blood clots and compared them. After that, the conclusion was that the siblings with stress disorder had higher rates of heart problems compared to their brothers.

When Does Stress Become a Real Problem?

The problem begins when you start to experience stress responses activation even when it’s not the case. So this will depend on how we respond to stress, like the fight-or-flight stress response that’s activated in many cases. In the PTSD cases, these systems are enabled at all the wrong times. Moreover, another study shows that depression, anxiety, and stress will always increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

What Should We Do Against Stress?

Take note that a long term, repeated, persistent stress can activate the immune system and contribute to inflammation that can cause atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is happening when the arteries narrow and limits the blood flow, and that it’s the path to a heart attack. So we want to live as long as possible, and if we’re going to prevent this from happening, we must try to implement simple habits like exercise, a healthy diet, a right attitude, more time in nature, and good relationships.

Each one of those habits has benefits. Exercise gives you an extra boost in mental health, friendships will boost our moods, meditation can help you reduce blood pressure, and the fuel for a healthy body should come from clean and fresh sources like fruits and vegetables.


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