Strange Symptoms Could Appear Months after Beating the Initial COVID-19 Infection

Strange Symptoms Could Appear Months after Beating the Initial COVID-19 Infection

All over the world, people are showing scary symptoms many months after their initial infection with COVID-19. A lot of patients suffering from a severe form of the disease are thought to suffer from consequences that last a very long time. However, the ABC7 I-Team has just stumbled upon a higher and higher number of relatively young people, many of them infected with just a mild form of the virus, that ended up suffering strange symptoms on the long-term. These kind of sufferers are popularly called “long haulers”.

Unexplainable Symptoms

Officials from the medical community and scientists are all trying to find the causes for these long-term symptoms and the best treatments that are in the hope of saving these who cannot seem to get better. The symptoms are peculiar and not easy to endure. They include brain fog, chronic fatigue, fevers, headaches and a complete loss of their sense of smell. There are even some more severe problems associated with the long-terms symptoms, such as a rise in blood pressure, blood clots and racing heart beats.

Unlucky Case

One of the patients that suffers from these symptoms is Elizabeth Moore. Elizabeth started to have these scary, unexplainable symptoms months after her initial infection with COVID-19. She explained that she could feel a buzzing, rushing sensation in her body out of nowhere.

Peculiar Effects

There was also a tingling in her arms and these symptoms were present on both sides of her body, but especially on her left side. According to Moore, 43, who is a mother and a lawyer, she has never had any sort of medical issues in the past.

She continued by stating that there were times when she tried to sleep, but the tingling sensation simply jolted her awake, leaving her almost breathless. According to her, it felt as if someone poured cold water down her back.


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