MLB Players Have Set Training Routine

MLB Players Have Set Training Routine

When you are making MLB picks against the spread you don’t usually think about the training routines of the players on the field, but that all comes into play. Some athletes take care of their bodies better than others, and that can lead to more success on the field of play.

Every team is going to go about conditioning and training a bit differently, but there are some aspects that will be in play for every franchise. These training routines are usually set up by team trainers, and there is a certain program that each team follows both during the season and in the offseason.


You might not think of baseball as being a sport where conditioning is all that important, but you would be wrong in that thinking. It’s not common to see baseball players running miles and miles to stay in shape, but some sort of conditioning is necessary.

Starting pitchers especially are one group of MLB players that spend a ton of time ensuring that they are conditioned. This can actually be seen during Spring Training as starting pitchers will be running on the warning track after leaving the mound.

Stretching to Stay Loose

If you arrive at an MLB game early enough then you are going to see players going through a pretty strict and strenuous stretching routine to get themselves ready for action. There are bands and other pieces of equipment involved, but the biggest thing is that everyone is stretching to get loose.

Baseball players are extremely flexible, and that isn’t just something that they were born with. It’s because of an impressive stretching routine that they are able to remain flexible and on top of their games.

Arm Strength is Key

Starting pitchers are obviously the major focus for arm strength, but that’s a key for every single player in MLB. This is something that is built up over time, and you see players working on arm strength at a very young age.

Pitchers build up arm strength by doing arm workouts in the weight room, but also by doing long toss in the outfield before games and in between appearances. Building up arm strength is also a big key to eliminating injuries and keeping the most talented players on the field throughout the year.

Core Controls Everything

Core strength is important for professional athletes in every single sport, but baseball might be the sport that requires this the most. The core really controls everything when it comes to baseball from throwing to swinging the bats.

You aren’t going to see MLB players laying on the ground and doing crunches or situps until they tire out, but you will see them working on their core a ton. If an MLB player does end up getting an injury to their core then it could be a long recovery process.

All Players Hit the Weights

One thing that you might not know about MLB players is that they are constantly hitting the weights both during the season and during the winter. Every stadium has some sort of gym or fitness center available and you can always find MLB players in there working on their strength.

Most of the MLB players are not trying to turn into a bodybuilder when hitting the weights, but adding additional strength is always going to be a key. You will see some players take big jumps during the offseason based on what they do in the weight room.

Healthy Diet

This is the one area that probably differs for MLB players, especially when it comes to position players and pitchers. There have been some wild stories about the unhealthy habits of MLB pitchers over the years, and some of those things still continue to this day.

For those players that are going to be in the lineup on a daily basis, it’s important to eat healthy both before and after a game. Some starting pitchers have been known to eat unhealthy and drink some alcohol after their starts, and you can tell just by looking at them.

Even if these players are eating unhealthy at times, they are still doing what it takes to keep their bodies ready to compete.

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