Spinach Has These Secret Side Effects, As Per New Research

Spinach Has These Secret Side Effects, As Per New Research

Spinach is one of the easiest ways to reach your vegetable goal. Whether you prefer to add some spinach to your favorite smoothie or use it as a tasty base for a salad, this flavorful green has a wide variety of benefits.

Now, new research unveils some secret side effects of spinach that’ll leave you in awe.

Here is what you need to know.

It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

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Adding spinach to your diet can keep your blood pressure in check. As per a recent study, people who consumed high-nitrate spinach soup for a week experienced lowered systolic blood pressure and arterial stiffness.

It Reduces the Risk of Vision Loss

Of course, carrots are the best for good eye health, but did you know that spinach is actually the greatest?

Researchers found that people with reduced levels of zeaxanthin (spinach nutrient) were more likely to experience macular degeneration. The study included 380 men and women between 66 and 78 years old.

You Might Shed a Few Pounds

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A study from 2014 found that among a group of 38 overweight women who consumed spinach extract lost up to 43 % weight, experiencing a reduction in food cravings of 95 %.

It May Reduces Your Colorectal Cancer Risk

If you have some risk factors for this condition or family history, including spinach to your diet might prove to be efficient against colorectal cancer.

For example, a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found something quite intriguing. Among 2,410 participants, those with higher dietary intakes of lutein (an antioxidant in spinach) showed lowered levels of colorectal cancer.


Even if you decide to add spinach to your diet plan or not, it’s best if you discuss with a specialist any health concerns. Changing your diet might be the answer for some of your health issues, but sometimes an expert’s advice is what you need to hear first.


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