Solar Flares Hit The Planet And Tamper With Technology – Strongest In 4 Years, Scientists Say

Solar Flares Hit The Planet And Tamper With Technology – Strongest In 4 Years, Scientists Say

Astronomers announced that radiation from the most significant solar flare “seen in years” will provoke a technical blackout over the weekend.

Solar flares were noticed on July 3. It was the first type X event recorded since September 2017.

The colossal energy wave left the Sun and hit Earth, provoking some technical disruptions and power outages in the Atlantic Ocean.

Though the energy pulse didn’t impact surface life, it led to some disruption in electronic devices and radio frequencies when it interacted with the planet’s magnetic field.

An astronomer who runs a space meteorological laboratory in Norway stated that all of the instruments he operated failed for a while.

He accentuated on the fact that it’s a premiere in many years, as magnetic confusion is a rare phenomenon.

The X expansion led to a radio explosion and electricity surge on Earth, which tampered with astronomical technologies.

A report in NASA Sun & Space says:

On July 3, the Sun released a remarkable amount of sunshine, 10:29 a.m. ET. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Laboratory captures an image of the event classified as X1.5.

The US space agency claimed that the Sun would shine on Saturday evening, July 3rd.

The phenomenon was labeled as an X 1.5 class expansion, with “X” being the most powerful class.

The following number shows the intensity of the flare. For example, an X3 flare would be twice as devastating as the Saturday event.

“Solar flares are a powerful explosion of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flame cannot penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, however – when it is intense enough – it can damage the GPS signaling layer (GPS) and communications,” NASA added.

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