Smoke From Faraway Wildfires Can Still Damage Your Health, Study Shows

Smoke From Faraway Wildfires Can Still Damage Your Health, Study Shows

Huge wildfires, similarly to what we saw last year, are producing enormous clouds of smoke that are big enough to develop their own micro-climate and turn skies grey.

Smoke is emerging from fires in the western US, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, Spain, Italy, and Siberia.

The situation is so dire that it was reported that astronauts in space could see the smoke.

The wildfires in regions like Oregon and California darkened the skies and led to alarming warnings in cities like Boston and NYC, in an unfortunate sequel to what happened last summer.

The Siberian wildfires sent their smoke clouds and ash to the North Pole, approximately 3,200 km away, and ulteriorly to Canada and Greenland.

When big fires occur, smoke can reach high levels in the atmosphere, where winds can take it for a spin for thousands of miles until some weather system manages to push it back to the ground.

At that point, a huge health risk is occurring.

Though some are arguing that wildfires are a local problem, only alarming to the residents of an impacted country, they are extremely wrong, according to environmental epidemiologist Jesse Berman. He explained that each of the wildfire events is an opportunity for smoke to travel huge distances and impact not only nearby residents but also those far away.

“People who live in areas that have relatively good air quality are going to be all of a sudden subjected to levels of pollution that are many times higher than what’s normally seen, and at levels that are very harmful to health,” Berman added.

Unfortunately, Berman also mentioned that such mega-clouds of smoke might become a yearly occurrence “if not multiple times every single year.”

The future is somewhat grim for us, as climate change is believed to accelerate the frequency of such intense wildfires in the upcoming decades.


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