Sims 5: What We Know So Far

Sims 5: What We Know So Far

Sims fans are always in the lookout of new expansions packs or a new game release. Sims IV has recently received a new extension pack, fitness-themed and now rumor has it that a new Sims game is to be released. These are the rumors and specs so far:

  • Sims V will be released only if Sims IV performs well on the market and brings profits. SO far the last game released has been receiving good reviews from fans, especially due to all the new extension packs.
  • The new game could be announced in 2018 and released in 2019.
  • New features would include more items, expanded hair and clothes, new personality traits, car and homes. Sims V is also expected to have an open world format.

The Sims franchise

The life simulation game has been published by Electronic Arts and Maxis in February 2000. The game was an instant success and became one of the best video games series with nearly 200 million copies worldwide.

The game allows the player to create virtual characters, Sims, and choose their features, as well as their houses. Sims can live in pre-constructed houses or they can build one. There are also many extension packs to choose from.

A recent popular extension pack is Cats & Dogs for Sims IV. This extension pack features animals behaving like in real life, being unpredictable and adorable at the same time. Unlike in previous Sims games, players have to take care of cats and dogs which destroy furniture or need to go to the vet. Fans have saluted the idea, calling it a simulation for those who would like to have an animal in their real lives. The latest game, Sims IV, was released for Xbox One and PS4 on the 17th of November, 2017.


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