What Could The Sims 5 Do Better?

What Could The Sims 5 Do Better?

September 2017 brought the release of the Sims 4 and, together with it, a completely different gaming experience for the die-hard Sims fans, compared to the previous versions. The most important change EA made to the game was a new build/buy feature, which allows players to build impressive houses, recreational spaces and other types of buildings.

At the same time, the create-a-sim-now feature offers the possibility of creating extremely unique and detailed characters, which can be smarter and have their own, particular personality and distinct appearance. By checking the in-game gallery, you quickly realize that all you need is imagination and The Sims 4 will allow you to make it happen.

However, even if The Sims 4 visibly evolved into a very complex experience, it still lack certain elements that could bring it to an extraordinary level. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of aspects that are not quite on the plus side, and the existence of which could bring the game even further on the scale of awesomeness.

First of all, one important phase of human life that was left out of The Sims 4 is the toddler stage. The decision was justified by the Executive Producer of the game, Rachel Franklin, by the claim that they gave up on the toddler stage in favor of more important features, meant to make the game more realistic, such as essential emotions, or authentic motion and interaction.

However, for a game the ultimate purpose of which is to be as realistic as possible, the choice of omitting an important stage in life seems rather illogical. Furthermore, it takes away from the parenting experience, fast-forwarding to a more advanced stage in children’s life, when they are almost grown-up and have to deal with different kinds of problems, leaving no time for building a realistic parent-child relationship.

Speaking of realism, the lack of seasons and pets in the basic form of the game was also an odd choice to make, considering that they are common elements in everyday life, which influence many of our human decisions. However, these two elements are available for download in separate expansion packs.

At the same time, the EA decision of removing all types of transportation from the game was rather radical. Even if there is the possibility of an upcoming expansion pack dedicated to vehicles, it still unclear why such a choice was made.

One explanation could be the fact that the creators of the game anticipated that it wouldn’t be so much fun just to watch a Sim get from one place to another. However, The Sims 2: Nightlife offered a solution to this problem, by allowing the player to beam to the destination. Therefore, instead of denying players the possibility to experience a wide variety of vehicles, the same solution could be applied to the future Sims game, thus further expanding the entire universe of the game, also making it even more realistic.

Even if the Sims 4 brought the option of choosing the physical appearance you desire, in the most detailed manner, they left out the option of editing your hairstyle, which does represent an important part of someone’s look. Even if the game now comes with a wider and better variety of hairstyles, it still doesn’t allow you to customize the color or the length of your Sim’s hair, which takes away from the whole experience of creating a character that is completely to your liking.

From the same category, the inability to choose the height of your character is also a minus of The Sims 4, which, again, takes away from the realistic feature of the game.

All in all, The Sims 4 is an extraordinary game, which comes with the widest variety of customization options in the gaming universe. However, aiming to be as close to reality as possible, some aspects could be improved in order to provide players a completely realistic experience.


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